• Image of Team Earthquake
  • Image of Team Earthquake

Marija Mustac
ANU Research School of Earth Sciences

Marija looks at the source of earthquakes using ground motion recorded by seismometers on the Earth’s surface. Earthquakes are a result of rocks breaking under stress. When they occur, seismic waves travel through the Earth carrying information about the source, and the rocks the waves go through. Marija is mostly interested in unusual earthquakes from volcanic and geothermal areas, which can involve crack opening and fluid flow.


Eleanor Gates-Stuart
Studio: e l e a n o r g a t e s t u a r t

Eleanor’s arts practice aligns with science, in that she is interested in unfolding stories of advanced knowledge within the complexity of scientific information. Eleanor completed her PhD at the National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS), ANU and has just spent two years working in Taiwan as a Professor in Technology and Arts. Having had personal experiences of earthquakes in Taiwan, collaborating with Marija was a great coincidence and an opportunity to find out more about earthquake research. The design reflects the seismic waves travelling through the earth as energy source, particularly noting technological data and algorithmic code, as the hidden aspects of innovative mapping and location tools.

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