• Image of Team Balloons
  • Image of Team Balloons

Ryan Ridden-Harper
ANU Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Ryan is an astrophysicist who is developing a telescope to fly on a balloon high up in the atmosphere, to observe ultra violet light. With this telescope, he will hunt for exploding stars, and massive colliding objects, like black holes, far off in the Universe. These detections will help us understand the fundamental physics behind these cosmic explosions and allow us to possibly find alien atmospheres.


Rose Hammer
Rocky Hammer Creations

Rose has illustrated an interpretation of Ryan's telescope design. While the real telescope will be unmanned, the exploring human represents the project's spirit of discovery, and his small, solitary body emphasises the vastness of the surrounding Universe. The balloon is also stylised to represent a black hole collision, one of the objects Ryan will search for.

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This research is supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.

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