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James Gilbert
ANU Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics

James develops new technologies for telescopes. One aspect of his research is ‘multi-object’ astronomy, which allows astronomers to observe hundreds or even thousands of stars or galaxies at the same time! This means we can learn about the universe faster than ever before. This T-shirt shows one of James’ favourite projects: ‘Starbug’ robots, developed at the Australian Astronomical Observatory, are smaller than your finger tip and walk around inside a telescope. They automatically catch starlight from different objects and direct it to a spectrograph, which measures the colour of the light to figure out what each object is made of and how fast it’s moving.


Lachlan Pini
Straitlaced Media

Lachlan’s design personifies the ‘Starbugs’, showing how they work together to automate processes of capturing starlight from distant galaxies. The comic panel format of the graphic tells the story of where these little mechanical astronomers live and work and what they get up to daily to capture the data from our starry night sky.

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