• Image of Team Water Worms
  • Image of Team Water Worms
  • Image of Team Water Worms

Aparana Lal
ANU National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health

Aparna is an ecologist, which means she looks at how human actions impact their environment and vice versa, mainly in relation to population health. She models the influence of environmental change, including past and future climate and land use change, on patterns of infectious disease. Aparna’s focus is a parasite Cryptosporidium, that is easily spread to humans through water.


Sally Middleton
ANU School of Art and Design

Sally’s design focuses on the leading factors responsible for the spreading of the parasite Cryptosporidium. The cow in the centre represents the rural aspect and the origin for the spread of disease. The design features water carrying Cryptosporidium worms, that eventually find their way to humans via consumption.

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