• Image of Team Teeth
  • Image of Team Teeth

Hannah James
ANU Research School of Earth Sciences

Hannah uses human teeth as a window into ancient human migration! As a child grows, teeth lock in the chemical signature of the food and water they have been drinking. The isotopes of two chemical elements, oxygen and strontium, differ between environments meaning a region (and the food and water from there) has a distinct chemical signature. Analysing these isotopes in human teeth can be used indicate where someone might have spent their childhood, and by looking at multiple individuals from an archaeological site, a picture of how people migrated in the past can be drawn.

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Nicole Yu
ANU School of Art and Design

Nicole depicts teeth as keys into a diverse universe of untold stories. Looking at a tooth, like looking through a keyhole, gives us an insight into what's happening beneath the surface.


This research is supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.

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