• Image of Team Seismic Heartbeat
  • Image of Team Seismic Heartbeat
  • Image of Team Seismic Heartbeat

Melody Li
ANU Research School of Earth Sciences

Melody uses earthquakes to understand the evolution of the earth. Dozens of earthquakes are happening every day, releasing massive amounts of energy, but we don’t notice most of them because they happen at the core of the earth and are too small. The energy of all these earthquakes travels through the earth as seismic waves. Melody uses a seismograph to see these waves and by looking at the shape and size of them she can learn about the chemical and thermal evolution of the earth.


Daniel Becker
Invisible Ink Studio

Daniel has used the imagery of a "heart" as the core and the "heartbeat" characteristics of seismic movements and earthquakes. The final design incorporates a diagram from Melody that shows the different seismic waves shapes that she looks for in the data she collects. Through repetition Daniel created a really chaotic "ripple" effect inside the Earth, representing the pulsing seismic waves that Melody listens for in her work.

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This research is supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.

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